Poise, Posture, Presence
It's not what you do, it's how you do it. Undo patterns of tension and learn to move with less effort and more ease.


The Learning Process

Testimonial from Actress Lindsay Hopper

 11th lesson | Echo Park, Los Angeles

 11th lesson | Echo Park, Los Angeles

When Lindsay came to me a few months ago, her right shoulder was swollen and those muscles were shortened from consistent over-use (she's right handed). It's been amazing to see the shift as her shoulders have now balanced out, and so many other things have come to surface. On her 11th lesson the other day, she had a breakthrough. When I worked with her into primary curve, and up out of it using the secondary curve, for the first time she didn't go into her habit of pulling from her neck! I noticed her "core" engage instead and waited for a moment wondering if she noticed too. 

Then she stated in astonishment, "I felt that in here (she points to her abs). I've never felt those muscles engage before. This time I didn't do something I didn't realize I was doing before. And now I get it!"

It's "aha" moments like this that make the teacher / student relationship so rewarding. 

Lindsay's testimonial:

Through weekly Alexander Technique lessons with Deena, I have been able to discover a strong energy that helps me with my posture and alignment. This newfound upward energy has allowed me to free myself physically, emotionally and mentally, affecting my daily life and my career as a stage, screen, and voice actor. Fellow students in my acting classes have noticed the difference in how I carry myself. By continuing my daily Alexander practice on my own, in addition to our weekly sessions, I have been able to elevate my creative side as well alleviate my physical ailments.

- Lindsay Hopper | Actress | Los Angeles, California