Poise, Posture, Presence
It's not what you do, it's how you do it. Undo patterns of tension and learn to move with less effort and more ease.

Alexander technique teacher

Deena Odelle Hyatt

What I do:

I help people free themselves from harmful habits so they can move gracefully through life. I teach a more sustainable and creatively productive way to work, create, and be — longterm.

Why I do it:

As a trauma-informed, chronic pain survivor, I tapped into the incredible resilience we have with the right kind of tools and gentle support. With the help of my teachers and practitioners, I was able to get myself out of what I thought was unsolvable pain.

When I realized how much this work impacted my life on multiple levels — allowing holistic healing, greater creative flow, and empowering me to feel comfortable in my own skin — I knew I wanted to act as a resource for others to also learn the work.

As a speaker, I found I could collect my thoughts calmly and address a room confidently. As a vocalist (music and voice acting), the new-found breath support made my voice that much more powerful and enhanced my ability to control it. As a dancer, I found ways to move outside my learned patterns and explore new muscles. As an artist, I found I could find my flow and trust the process more. As a emotional person, I found I was better able to pause, contain, and compose myself before responding.

Learning is a process and still, you can discover so much in one tiny moment. I am a facilitator, resource, and support in your journey. At the desk, on stage, recovering from an injury, or preparing for a birth, I'm here to be on your team.

My Story

2009 / 2014:  Note the dramatic shift in my shoulder slope and where my jaw line sits.

2009 / 2014: Note the dramatic shift in my shoulder slope and where my jaw line sits.

When I started studying The Alexander Technique I had been in chronic pain for three years and lost functioning of my right hand. (And I'm right handed!). The pain permeated from my neck down my arms. I had no idea why and the plethora of doctors and healers I saw had no explanation. Now I look at this image of me and I can't understand how any trained professional couldn't see why I was in pain. Before, sitting like that seemed comfortable. Now, my musculature and attitude has changed so much that I couldn't even try to do that if I wanted.

This photo was taken on my first lesson with Marian Goldberg in 2009. When I came to Marian, I was completely unaware that I had fallen into such bad habits, but we just started working and things started changing. It's difficult to put the work into words, it really is experiential.The work is difficult to articulate, as it is so experiential. It's like trying to describe a song without listening to it.

By learning to stop doing what I was doing wrong, it allowed the right things to start happening. As I learned to not overuse certain muscles, my back and core strengthened. My movements became smoother as my coordination improved, as did my breathing and vocal control! The windows of pain became smaller and smaller, and six months later I was finally pain free. I realized the impact of the tools that I learned through Alexander and knew I wanted others to learn about this incredible self-improvement and stress management resource.



I'm an AmSAT™ certified teacher. AmSAT™ Teachers train hands-on for a minimum of three years (1600 hours).

The American Society for the Alexander Technique