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transformation through community

Upcoming Group Initiatives


Initiative I // Transforming Trauma

How do we hold trauma in our body?

In what ways do these histories influence our communication

with loved ones and our way of being in the world?


This unique series integrates body awareness, mindset training, and non-violent communication work towards a deeper understanding of old and new trauma. In this bold healing space, we facilitate release and transformation towards greater well-being.

Series consists of four sessions per month - one private session with each coach to focus on individual development and two sessions per month as a group for collectively held healing.

Survivor-led space: We strive to create an intentional and intersectional community. As survivors of various forms of violence, we honor that safety is a critical component to learning. We recognize the many ways trauma impacts our systems. We hope to cultivate a space for collective bravery and mutual acknowledgment as we co-create this experience of collective healing.


Series commitment

March 10 - June 4, 2019

Group sessions: March 10 and 17, April 14 and 28, May 5 and 12 (all Sundays, 11 am-1 pm)

Two 2-hour sessions per month for collective work; two 1-hour coaching sessions per month with each coach, listening of written check-in.

Series goals

- Increased ability to track, shift, and transform trauma.

- Increased awareness of environmental stimuli and its impact on body and communication.

- Increased vocabulary to communicate effectively and empathically.

- Increased skills to navigate conflict and the uncomfortable.

Series Breakdown


March //

Boundaries & Choice

  • Improving boundary-setting with verbal and body language

  • The power of no, the intention of yes

  • Addressing habitual patterns

April //

Release & Restructure

  • Acknowledging and releasing anger and tension

  • Working with aligned rage and honoring grief

  • Re-connecting with breath and re-aligning posture

May //

Imagination & New (Neuro)Pathways

  • Celebrating the neuro-plasticity of resilience

  • Recognizing the strength we already carry

  • Using creativity to pave a new path



Meenadchi is a licensed Occupational Therapist, and trauma-informed Non-Violent Communication (NVC) facilitator and mediator. Non-Violent Communication offers an in-depth look at the words we choose to communicate, in particular when we are stressed or upset. With tangible tools to reframe our language, we can deepen our own somatic awareness, develop empathy for self and other, and increase connection as we navigate conflict together.

Deena is a Healing Arts Practitioner + Movement Coach, chronic pain and rape survivor, and performing artist passionate about the power of art in processing and healing. She is a Certified Alexander Technique Teacher with over 1800 hours of teacher training, advanced studies in Developmental Movement, and holds a BA from The University of Texas in Education and English, and studied Conflict Resolution at American University, DC. She has taught Alexander Technique and Movement at UCLA, The Relativity School, Golden Folk Wellness, and has held a private practice for five years.

* Contact hi@mindbodygrace.com for more info, cost and registration.