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Deena Odelle Hyatt

In 2008 while studying at The University of Texas, I lost functioning of my right hand and arm. I had already been in pain for three years before it completely took over my life.

After countless doctors, physical therapists, healers, it wasn’t getting any better. Still without any explanation of why is this happening, I finally succumb to the doctor’s suggestion of surgery for “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.” The doctors took my first rib out and scalene muscle to “create space.” And after three months of healing, I was still in pain and they had no answers aside from more pain killers!

That’s when I discovered The Alexander Technique and finally found my way back to normalcy and now, vibrancy. Learning this embodied mindfulness technique helped me let go of out of layers and layers of tension and get back to a place of freedom and vitality.

When I came to my first Alexander teacher, Marian Goldberg in 2009, I was completely unaware that I had fallen into such bad habits, but we just started working and things started changing. No doctor could explain what was wrong but it turns out, it was tension patterns that had created it. And there was something I could do about it, which actually had a lot to do with undoing.

In order to change we had to address my habits in movement.

By learning to stop doing what I was doing wrong, it allowed the right things to start happening.

As I learned to not overuse certain muscles, my back and core strengthened. My movements became smoother as my coordination improved, as did my breathing and vocal control! The windows of pain became smaller and smaller, and six months later I was finally pain free.

That’s when I decided I wanted to integrate this work into what I was doing and bring it to the world. So here we are! I’ve now been studying for a decade, and in practice for five years. My mission is to help the world build better hints by aligning body and mind. I won’t stop until everyone realizes the bodymind never separated in the first place.

2008 / 2014:  Note the dramatic shift in my shoulder slope and where my jaw line sits.

2008 / 2014: Note the dramatic shift in my shoulder slope and where my jaw line sits.

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I'm an AmSAT™ certified teacher. AmSAT™ Teachers train hands-on for a minimum of three years (1600 hours). I have also done advanced studies totaling over 1900 hours of training.

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